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The Complete Fire Rated Full Height Thermal Envelope

Health & Education

Sustainability, speed and safety are the primary forces driving construction in the health and education sectors. This means that architects, specifiers and procurement staff are increasingly choosing timber as a building material over alternative methods of construction. Due to the versatility of Insulshell, it can respond to the individual demands of a complicated brief without compromise and often enhances the overall building design and performance, helping create a healthy and natural environment for patients, students and staff.

As the health and education sectors strive to create cost-effective, environmentally-friendly buildings by using more sustainable materials, the Insulshell system is an increasingly popular choice.

Speed is a crucial factor, particularly when building a new school or college. Insulshell offers a fast track solution. It is simple to use and build with and features multiple benefits over alternative construction methods, including significant cost savings that provide increased value for money from the public purse. Insulshell is designed to incorporate the entire super structure and is able to accommodate almost any external finish to compliment or enhance the local setting.

Safety is at the forefront of the Insulshell design – a minimum 60 minute fire rating is achieved from the factory manufacturing process that provides advanced protection during and after the installation and construction phase.

Insulshell technology makes a positive contribution to BREEAM credit scores and adds significantly to achieving the PassivHaus thermal performance standard.

The Insulshell system results in reduced product defects and improves quality both during the onsite installation and in the finished building. Insulshell’s large format closed panel structural timber configuration can be used to create a more open and stimulating environment, benefiting patients, students and staff wellbeing and comfort.

The design flexibility of the system also allows you to deliver either a full structural envelope, additions to an existing structure, or introduce individual elements such as structural roof decks – see Insulroof.

Practical Advantages for the Health & Education Sectors

Insulshell is simple to construct and install and features multiple benefits over alternative construction methods, including:

  • Shortened construction period
  • Significant cost and time savings
  • Construction not weather dependent
  • Greater efficiency and supply chain integration
  • Assured programme for follow-on trades
  • Less on-site waste
  • Improved dimensional accuracy of an engineered product
  • Better health and safety on-site record
  • Minimum 60 minute fire rating
  • Exceeds Part E Acoustic Requirements
  • Environmentally friendly construction method
  • Effectively insulated to lower on-going energy costs
  • Improved ‘whole life’ building performance
  • Fabric First approach, cost-effective in achieving higher level of Code
  • Meets and often exceeds all current Building Regulations
  • Can create a more open and stimulating learning, healing and working environment

Build Type

Foundation Construction

Insulshell can be installed on all foundation types, however we recommend the use of our Insulslab system, where appropriate, as this has a complimentary high thermal performance and is manufactured to the same quality as our other systems.

Other Applications

In addition to the Health and Educational Sector Insulshell panellised systems are also extensively used in other applications for:

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